Weekly Energy of the Day for June 5-11, 2017

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

Daily Challenges Vs. Solutions


ACCELERATE the momentum in your life in all directions with confidence and vigor. Speed yourself up with more clarity and wisdom in everything you do. Believe in yourself and your important ventures and let your destiny unfold as big as it can happen for you over the next few exciting days.

Monday, June 5, 2017: Review
the status of the key things in your life so you can have a clear idea what needs the most attention from you presently. Do not spare time on anything unworthy. Do your thing with utmost zealousness and by the crack of dawn tomorrow you will be achieving some major results coming your way.

Coming up with great ideas, but not putting them into action vs. always acting on inspiration
Comparing yourself with others and feeling greater or lesser vs. seeing everyone soul-to-soul
Being short-tempered and confronting others vs. giving everyone the benefit of the doubt
Getting bogged down in unimportant details vs. keeping the big picture and direction

Tuesday, June 6, 2017: Leverage
To leverage yourself in a continuous fashion, you have to be ready to do just about anything the day throws at you. Just see it as a little bit of a training going on to encourage you to stay strong on your own two feet and persevere no matter what. If you do not miss a beat, it will be above and beyond the ordinary.

Having a tendency to doubt yourself and your hunches vs. listening to your inner knowing
Being too picky in your choices and then being disappointed vs. taking the time to choose
Being secretive and going overboard protecting your privacy vs. being flexible and open
Cluttering your space with a lot of trinkets vs. not hoarding stuff to feel secure

Wednesday, June 7, 2017: Dynamic
Today, the dynamo in you will break all records. Wake up energized and ready to conquer whatever shows up your way. After a dynamic day, you deserve a treat and lots of proper rest to replenish all the energy it took to kick into high speed all day long.

Having a tendency to be gullible as you know anything is possible vs. rechecking the facts
Tending to overdo and over prepare vs. not having to prove yourself in any way
Tending to push yourself and go too long without eating vs. having a clear work ethic
Gossiping about people when you feel wronged by them vs. listening to all sides

Thursday, June 8, 2017: Contain
Today will unfold a story that will contain special wisdom to remember for a long time. Do not miss on it and stay tuned in to be inspired and driven by it all day long.

Having a tendency to be possessive vs. letting go and letting others be free and open
Having a tragic view of life and making everything a big deal vs. enjoying life as it is
Being a control freak vs. allowing others the opportunity to put their heart and soul into it
Indulging in food, etc. as a way of avoiding emotions vs. having a clear eating plan

Friday, June 9, 2017: Leap
Come prepared to leap like a frog when the joy the day brings comes with some great unexpected news your way. Do not worry about looking childish. Anyone will understand that when it is so good, it is hard to contain yourself.

Becoming too lazy and watching too much TV vs. focusing on your own personal priorities
Cutting people off if you don’t like them vs. giving people the benefit of the doubt
Having a difficult time opening up and sharing vs. feeling free to share about your personal life
Getting overwhelmed and dropping the ball giving up vs. stopping to make a plan or blueprint

Saturday, June 10, 2017: Weather
Take note of your own internal weather as you look through your agenda today. It will be sunny if you are smiling and radiant as you focus on what is important to you and possibly somewhat cloudy if you are working on everyone else’s priorities other than your own. Take a picture of yourself and we will pass it onto the weather channel!

Complaining a lot and getting involved in too many moral issues vs. having perspective
Being too competitive to win at all costs vs. always doing your best each and every time
Thinking there is only one way to do something – your way vs. giving others opportunity
Having trouble setting boundaries and involved in other’s troubles vs. staying detached

Sunday, June 11, 2017: Justify
Does the end result justify the means? Since there are different ways to do something, not so much. If you feel you have no options today, try to formulate some big picture ideas as you dig deeper so you act on things in a more balanced way. Avoid any sudden spontaneous hiccups you might have with some not so perfect circumstances. All those things come and go. Only what you learn and take away from it stays with you forever imbedded in your own energy as it becomes a real part of you.

Rambling on and on with a captive audience vs. respecting everyone’s time and energy
Having a tendency to be too traditional or dogmatic vs. being creative and open to new ideas
Being a one-person operation because it is easier vs. delegating the areas you cannot do well
Complaining and playing dumb to make others feel guilty vs. respecting everyone equally

Key Word Sentence for your Direction This Week:

Review the leverage you have in a dynamic way as you contain all your success and leap forward despite the weather and justify all of your results with true peace inside.

Key Word Sentence for your Sensitivity This Week:

Justify your own internal weather as you leap forward to contain all of the dynamic leverage you need to review what you need to do for yourself.

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