Weekly Energy of the Day for June 12-18, 2017

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

Daily Challenges Vs. Solutions

Invaluable experiences and lessons are in store as you EXAMINE all the different key areas and the main ways you live your life. Drop us a note if you come up with any major revelations, as they are worth a million bucks.

Monday, June 12, 2017: Cognizant
Today will keep you more alert than usual as you will become more cognizant of the wisdom you have put together for yourself. Be awake, alert and enthusiastic for a perfect beginning of what can easily become an important week.

A fence sitter having a hard time making decisions vs. making your choices and moving on
Showing off to impress people and make a dramatic entrance vs. being yourself as your best
Overpowering those you feel are weaker vs. uplifting those who need it
Taking things personally and avoiding criticism at all costs vs. being cool with others opinions

Tuesday, June 13, 2017: Perpetuate
You can perpetuate what you consider to be an important event as long as you truly desire and achieve as many great results as you really wish to harvest from it. Come prepared and leave rewarded.

Rambling on and on with a captive audience vs. giving them a break going to the substance
A neat freak imposing it on others vs. being an inspiring example to them
Discouraged when overwhelmed by negative thoughts in your mind vs. staying positive
Getting very impatient when emotions take over vs. holding your ground cool and collected

Wednesday, June 14, 2017: Rhetoric
Separate the light rhetoric from the serious talk today and know who means what they say and who does not. Small talk might not cut it, so go deeper into the real deal and you will have a more interested ear from your potential audience.

Being a space cadet who can end up in la-la-land vs. paying attention to your surroundings
Having too much pride and not wanting to look bad vs. being sincere about the truth
Short-tempered and confronting others in the process vs. practicing being calm and collected
Investing too much in relationships and losing your identity vs. be you for yourself first

Thursday, June 15, 2017: Knowledge
True knowledge comes from practice – above and beyond learning information in theory. Today you can clarify yours even more with some high packed action. When it is all over, you would not believe the learning curve it has brought about.

Indulging in too much sleep in order to escape vs. having too much fun being awake
Saying no three times before you agree something will benefit you vs. accepting it sooner
Getting easily overwhelmed when others put pressure on you vs. not minding other’s opinions
Making others more important than yourself as a do-gooder vs. being loyal to yourself first

Friday, June 16, 2017: Fraction
Even a small fraction of very quality actions you take today could yield great results in the process. Put all of your passion toward them and watch the huge difference they make. Continue this trend to make a giant headway toward your best results yet.

Becoming very cynical and making fun of others vs. respecting them as fellow humans
Being afraid of making decisions for fear of begin wrong vs. deciding confidently
Being over protective of projects and people vs. leading by example and letting them be
Going into an emotional rage if you feel others do not understand you vs. explaining again

Saturday, June 17, 2017: Return
Return the favor the day is extending to you to let you do your thing no matter what. Ignore anything trying to stand in your way and focus instead on exactly and only what you are interested in making happen for yourself.

Forgetting what you consider unimportant details vs. taking into account all relevant parts
Feeling hurt and in turn blaming others for your troubles vs. taking responsibility
Thinking there is only your way of doing something vs. being more flexible
Gossiping about others if you feel wronged by them vs. sticking to the truth as you see it

Sunday, June 18, 2017: Discuss
Discuss things thoroughly and properly in a timely fashion so you do not miss out on a better development that could be there for everyone. Literally, anything you have a question about, you have to say something about it and trigger the communication to clarify it even more as you go.

Wearing yourself too thin being a workaholic vs. alternating work with some play and rest
Cramming fifteen things in a ten thing space vs. pacing yourself and keeping things in balance
Pushing yourself going too long without eating vs. taking care of yourself properly
Ignoring the what, when, where, why making who the most important vs. considering all facts   

Key Word Sentence for your Direction This Week:

Be cognizant to perpetuate a better rhetoric with knowledge of a fraction of what you can return back to you as you discuss all the circumstances that come into play.

Key Word Sentence for your Sensitivity This Week:

Discuss how you can return back to the big picture in a fraction of a second with knowledge about the rhetoric you are hearing to perpetuate and be cognizant of any understanding that comes out of it all.

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