Weekly Energy of the Day for January 29-February 4, 2018

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

Daily Challenges Vs. Solutions

You will be putting more things into perspective altogether and figuring out how it all works in the  SUMMARY of all things rather than individual ones separately. Remind yourself of the big picture and let any tight moments pass you by without giving into them, knowing they just come and go but what stays and will last is what really matters.

Monday, January 29, 2018: Wisp
Stay alert all day long, because today the energy will be giving you an idea you would not want to miss. But it just might come in a form of a wisp of an inspiration and it will take vigilance to recognize it so stay tuned in to catch it. Make sure nothing gets you distorted and off kilter because you listen to your inspiration best when you feel light and good.

Being lazy, becoming a couch potato and watching TV a lot vs. staying directed and focused
Needing to look different in order to stand out vs. realizing everyone is special and unique
Tending to overpower others who are weaker than you vs. respecting everyone’s energy
Getting bogged down in unimportant details vs. keeping a big picture of the overall project

Tuesday, January 30, 2018: Rhetoric
Today you can skip any rhetoric and move into sincere action. Just talk will not be able to impress anyone because what is really needed is to make things happen. Move some ground and show in action everything you know.

Coming up with great ideas and not putting them into action vs. acting on inspiration
Being overly frugal to the point of being cheap vs. managing your cash flow effectively
Becoming too selfish (me-first, me-second, me-third) vs. being benevolent and concerned
Cluttering your space with a lot of trinkets vs. buying quality merchandise and enjoying it

Wednesday, January 31, 2018: Deny
Make this one whole day when you promise you will not deny yourself anything you need. You really have not come here to suffer and although over-indulging is not good for you either, finding that perfect middle ground where you can take care of the things you need so you can feel good and be in great shape will make your day.

Having a tendency to be possessive vs. allowing others the freedom to be themselves
Saying no three times before agreeing something will benefit you vs. using sensitivity first
Ordering others around by telling them what to do vs. letting others use their creativity
Indulging in food, etc. as a way of avoiding emotions vs. getting all the facts and acting

Thursday, February 1, 2018: Lavish
A rare opportunity to lavish and relish in the very experience of life will be available to you in a special way. You will come to appreciate what being alive has to offer all over again. There is so much you go through, and what you undergo you learn and grow from. It is unique to you and super precious. Enjoy it deeply and have fun all the way.

Being scattered in your thinking living in the future vs. being present and directed
Locked into a picture of the way things should be vs. being flexible and relaxed
Becoming an alcoholic or drug user to suppress your emotions vs. finding purpose
Getting impatient when your emotions take over vs. staying in your true feelings

Friday, February 2, 2018: Seat
You might think that since yesterday you especially recognized the value of your own life all over again that today you would not take extra time to just sit back and appreciate it from the bottom up, but you just might. Take a comfy seat by the window and sip on something refreshing to take it all in deeper and get to an even higher ground in your own feelings with a more heightened sensitivity than ever.

Wearing yourself too thin being a workaholic vs. taking much needed breaks as a routine
Cramming fifteen things in a ten-thing space vs. avoiding pressure by being organized
Tending to avoid crowds to be able to think vs. taking much needed time for yourself first
Becoming a hypochondriac vs. not being overly concerned about personal health

Saturday, February 3, 2018: Pearl
A pearl of an idea inside a shell is hiding inside of you and today the key would be to scuba dive in the deep waters within and really get to it. The more uplifted and elevated you feel, the closer you will be bringing it to the surface so your intuition can pick it up and you can make it happen. So stay inspired and look up to the sky.

Giving people too much credit vs. not being gullible without checking the facts
Having too much pride and not wanting to look bad vs. just doing the best you know how
Getting overwhelmed when others put pressure on you vs. taking time to breathe and adjust
Feeling depressed when picking up negative feelings vs. staying buffered and detached

Sunday, February 4, 2018: Elevate
Stay on this positive path up, up and above to harvest the best moments there are and retain the most precious instances out of all your time. Being like this will elevate everyone you come in contact with. You can soar high and take advantage of the smooth ride this whole week has offered you to get on track and accelerate ahead to the next one.

Forgetting unimportant details or trivia vs. taking everything into perspective
Expecting, assuming and demanding of others vs. having a 50-50 relationship with others
Being overprotective of projects and people vs. allowing others their freedom of expression
Playing dumb in order to make others feel bad or guilty vs. being your true self

Key Word Sentence for your Direction This Week:

With a wisp of a golden nugget idea, you can surpass the rhetoric and deny anything unsubstantial so you can lavish and take a seat to relax like a precious pearl secure in a shell as you organize and elevate your entire existence.

Key Word Sentence for your Sensitivity This Week:

Elevate your value like a pearl as you take a seat to discern how to lavish and not deny your life when you overcome the rhetoric and get a wisp of a tingle to go on.

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