Weekly Energy of the Day for August 14-20, 2017

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple,
Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

Daily Challenges Vs. Solutions

Your whole life will ACCELERATE MORE! as long as you are heading in the right direction and continue to confidently believe in yourself. Just remember to follow your inner sensitivity this whole week.

Monday, August 14, 2017: System
A successful system in place will solve most of any of your uneasy moments today and bring you so much relief as you try moving faster through the motions of the day. Taking the time to establish this will be very much worth it altogether.

Wearing yourself too thin being a workaholic vs. taking the much needed breaks to rest
Being too picky and then becoming disappointed vs. taking the time to discern what you want
Being a control freak vs. allowing others the opportunity to express themselves
Living in the past and holding on to negative experiences vs. letting go going with the flow

Tuesday, August 15, 2017: Backing
The backing you have will be doing everything possible to give you the best opportunity you have had for a while to be involved in your own purpose one hundred percent. Forget about any limiting concepts you have that may be holding you back. This is your time. Use it for your best interest here and now.

Rambling on and on with a captive audience vs. staying on point with your communications
Expecting, assuming and demanding vs. developing a 50-50 relationship with everyone
Being too selfish (me-first, me-second, me-third) vs. making sure you have give and take
Getting excited and jumping into projects too soon vs. getting all of the facts first

Wednesday, August 16, 2017: Excitement
There will be so much excitement building up in the air for you as you believe your dreams are possible and you boldly take the steps to manifest them. Take a deep breath and keep your cool as the whole world is watching you put your best foot forward in the name of your entire future.

Having jealous feelings that if you cannot have it, you will destroy it vs. staying flexible
Comparing yourself with others feeling greater or lesser vs. communicating soul to soul
Being short-tempered and confronting others in the process vs. being patient and cool-headed
Ignoring the facts of what, when, where and why vs. taking the time to be 100% factual

Thursday, August 17, 2017: Resource
All the invisible resources working for you will make a lot happen if you are truly working with them and not against them. To do so, you need to be clear on what is really good for you and what is not. Then, turn over a new page with the enthusiasm of knowing it is happening and leave anything that does not belong to you far and away.

Being a space cadet and ending up in la-la land vs. staying grounded and discerning
Being overly frugal to the point of being cheap vs. be discerning but enjoy quality
Building fortresses and empire to feel important vs. doing everything for the right reasons
Giving people gifts so they will like you or be devoted vs. just being yourself first

Friday, August 18, 2017: Passionate
A passionate approach has a million times more chances to succeed than a dull one. Try it and it will pay off for you very quickly. This is because once  you add pure inspiration to anything it now becomes magical and can make miracles happen on the spot.

Having a tendency to be possessive vs. allowing others the freedom to just be themselves
Covering up and pretending everything is okay vs. regrouping how you really feel and heal
Avoiding crowds just to hear yourself think vs. taking time for yourself before going out
Getting overwhelmed and dropping the ball vs. getting all the facts before moving forward

Saturday, August 19, 2017: Serious
The energy today is just right to give you a serious push forward, but you have to relax and be in neutral gear so you allow it to do so quickly and easily. Make no big deals out of anything today. Account only for the key things that truly matter and give them all of your attention so they grow under your focus like being in an incubator.

Complaining a lot with too many moral issues vs. keeping the big picture of right and wrong
Liking to show off and impress people vs. standing out by just being yourself
Compromising your own standards when you get under pressure vs. taking a big deep breath
Becoming too chummy with people vs. realizing you do not have to share about everything

Sunday, August 20, 2017: Exacting
Doodling on a note pad all your options today will be an eye-opener and you will feel wiser about what will make your inner and outer performance stronger and sharper. With an exacting touch, you can separate the essential from the trivia and organize what you need to do in the best way possible so it works like a charm.

Indulging in too much sleep in order to escape vs. keeping your energy sharp as a tack
Hiding or being shy to avoid confrontation at all costs vs. being willing to face it openly
Pushing your way through projects without communicating vs. taking the time to share
Getting bogged down in unimportant details vs. keeping your own big picture

Key Word Sentence for your Direction This Week:

With a great system in place, your overall backing will bring you much excitement and a great resource to employ your passionate efforts toward a serious attempt to make an exacting hit in all the key areas of your life.

Key Word Sentence for your Sensitivity This Week:

Be exacting and serious in your own passionate way to add a more practical resource of excitement to your backing into a reliable system that really works for you.

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