The Energy of the Week for May 8-14, 2017: Finish

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

DO’s & DON’Ts in your personal, business and social life

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The rule this week is super simple – finish what you have started so brand new doors and fresh opportunities can open up – just for you! If you cannot tie up both ends of what you already have on your plate, then it will be impossible to add anything else in an efficient way. It will not be as hard as you might think to wrap up whatever you have going on and complete each one of the stages you are presently in. This way, you can open up space, time and availability for yourself to venture into new territory that will bring so much more excitement into your life.

How this energy affects you in your personal life:
Figure out all of the loose ends you have in your life right now. Yes, all of them. How many things do you have hanging unresolved which are clogging your energy? No more. Do not keep them pulling on your energy this week. Even current projects you want to still continue working on, you have to finish the present stage you are in so you can move on to what is coming next. Otherwise, things will get stagnant and you cannot afford for them to slow or hold you down. Instead, if you roll up your sleeves and decide to get it all done, then everything around you will come to your rescue and offer a helping hand because the energy will be backing you to be able to complete any tasks undone. Once you are all done, it will be the greatest relief ever.

DON’T get bored easily and not follow through or finish the projects that you start.
DO always trust yourself and your hunches.
DON’T cut people off if you don’t like them so they are out-of-sight and out-of-mind.
DO easily see how any system can be more efficient and love to organize it.
DON’T be a control freak.
DO like to have your own territory and respect other people’s time, space and opinions.
DON’T get very impatient when your emotions take over.
DO have your own blueprint and follow your own direction in life.

How this energy affects you in your business life:
In business mode, you discern the facts and make decisions so you can move on and finish your targeted projects all in good time. Thus, being very practical will be most important this week and a needed helpful tool to stay focused toward your desired goals and not over invest in efforts or time going around in circles.

DON’T wear yourself too thin and become a workaholic.
DO realize the main fact you are interested in is the “what” and your energy is soft.
DON’T get locked into a picture of the way things should be.
DO have a photographic mind, easily memorize and reproduce what you have seen.
DON’T be very secretive and go overboard in protecting your privacy.
DO seize the outdoors and enjoy conquering nature.
DON’T have a tendency to live in the past by holding on to negative memories.
DO be very thorough and pay attention to all of the finest details.

How this energy affects you in your social life:
Are you having an argument with someone in your environment? It is time to finish it off – once and for all. You do not need your energy slipping through the cracks this creates nor do you benefit from having the constant nagging that goes around it. So, initiate coming to terms together and even if you end up having to agree to disagree, it is better than not communicating and leaving it to collect dust over time and weaken your overall sense of totally wholesome energy between the two of you.

DON’T have a tendency to ramble on and on with a captive audience.
DO know anything is possible as long as you are clear about what you want.
DON’T think you are dumb sometimes because you can’t picture what others are saying.
DO be very flexible to take suggestions since there are many ways of doing the same thing.
DON’T sometimes bully others by pushing your decisions on them.
DO build a solid foundation for yourself so you can have stability and consistency.
DON’T invest too much in relationships and end up losing your own identity.
DO be very compassionate but do not cater to others.

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