The Energy of the Week for July 31-August 6, 2017: Justify

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

DO’s & DON’Ts in your personal, business and social life

All of your invaluable lifelong learning experiences will always justify any of the temporary inconveniences you have been put through in the name of life. As you know, learning does not come cheap and the hefty price you pay for it is always measurable with the results you are getting from it. This week, continue to dive into uncharted territory and allow your own pure heart to immerse yourself in all the wonders of life – to the fullest!

How this energy affects you in your personal life:
There are no limits, so do not create anything artificial in your mind to put any restrictions on your own potential and power within. There is so much more to yourself than what you may acknowledge. The real depth of who you are is only measurable through the means of your infinite sensitivity. It is true that the more relaxed and tuned you are, especially in what you are doing in every moment, the better outcomes you will have every single day. So leave any crankiness and confusion behind you. It is of no use to you on a practical level. Look into the brightness of your own future because it is closer than you think and is as great as you truly desire it. All of the results coming your way will – without a doubt – justify every effort you put into it to make it all happen.

DON’T get bored easily and not follow through or finish the projects that you start.
DO like to work in compact units so you can keep everything in order.
DON’T tend to be a perfectionist.
DO realize you can look at a person and instantly tell what mood they are in.
DON’T push your way through projects and situations without communicating first.
DO have a keen sense of integrity and set fair boundaries.
DON’T get impatient when your emotions take over.
DO be very compassionate, but do not cater to others.

How this energy affects you in your business life:
Does the end justify the means? If you are over-extending yourself to push through to the finish line on a project, is that okay? Well, it depends. Like a pendulum when you get too much toward one side, then naturally, things balance themselves out and you have to get caught up with more rest and replenish. If it is really important, it could be worth it, but you have to realize you will pay for it. Is it okay to take advantage of customers to earn more profits? Not really. This is about the energy of what you do and how you do it. Once it is warped with motives that are off, it does not just get back to being okay. Even the money earned with that kind of twisted energy will not serve a good purpose. It will take some straightening out to reinstate the original good intent. Watch out for it and be careful to keep your business on the straight and narrow and only then you can enjoy your results – all the way.

DON’T have a tendency to get on a glory trip and want to be a guru.
DO have fun and appreciate life no matter what.
DON’T be so competitive that you need to win to be the best at all costs.
DO when you see something can be improved, bring it out into the open and communicate.
DON’T sacrifice quality by rushing to get the project out there too soon.
DO choose quality over quantity when it comes to your possessions.
DON’T get very impatient when your emotions take over.
DO be very considerate of others and care deeply for their well-being.

How this energy affects you in your social life:
Be ready to always justify the efforts your friends exert to be around you when you need them. Be prepared to be there for them in return by giving back some of your time to have a balance in your relationships with them. Staying cool and level-headed will be helpful in many situations so they do not get out of hand. Remember, giving help and getting help in your social life is all about team work in one way or another. You can obviously learn so much more about yourself from doing things with others.

DON’T complain a lot and get yourself involved in too many moral issues.
DO get a second wind after midnight and continue to be very productive.
DON’T be late for appointments because everything takes longer than you expect.
DO be very punctual and keep tabs on the timing of everything you are involved in.
DON’T be short-tempered and confront others in the process.
DO feel secure in expressing your own true feelings.
DON’T invest too much in relationships and end up losing your own identity.
DO feel solid and good about yourself when you don’t take opinions of others personally.

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