The Energy of the Week for July 17-23, 2017: Focus

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

DO’s & DON’Ts in your personal, business and social life


Razor sharp focus can compact your energy so it can cut like a laser beam. Although it is summer (winter down-under), scattering your thoughts is not in the cards this week. Rather, discerning and identifying the next key steps for your future will swiftly and directly move you toward what you desire the most. Take a look at the things that are important to you so you can clarify and bring a fresh readiness to go for it and get the wheel turning in the right direction – once and for all.

How this energy affects you in your personal life:
On a personal level, your energy may go through a certain tightness if you are sensing it is time to make some bigger decisions and your fear of success shows up to distort what you are trying to do. Relax. Doing something new for the first time does not have to be intimidating. It could be very exciting. Find self-confidence in the enormous wisdom you carry within from all of the great experiences you have been through so far. If you have come across something challenging in your way, the winding path you have been on will certainly help you get around it. You are now ready to face and bust through any barrier. Even though you are concerned with how hard the unknown could be, all you need to do is focus on all of your great qualities and how fully capable you are to tackle everything head on.

DON’T get a reputation for being a know-it-all and give advice rather than suggestions.
DO encourage others with all the possibilities of a project.
DON’T dwell on past negative experiences and not release them.
DO be at ease sharing things exactly as you experience and see them.
DON’T become too selfish (me-first, me-second, me-third).
DO like to have your own territory and respect other people’s time, space and opinions.
DON’T feel depressed when you pick up negative energy from the people around you.
DO be very compassionate but do not cater to others.

How this energy affects you in your business life:
While you are always focused more or less on your business, this week will take a different kind of focus altogether. It will be about your own values and how you are incorporating them in what you do. They have to show what you truly believe in, what you are all about and how you treat life in general – or else nothing will happen. There is always a greater aspect to everything you need to consider in your particular line of work. It is all about what you put into it and how it can pay off for those you enrich with it. So, you are actually spreading a piece of your energy with every move you make. This will help you be more serious with every opportunity coming your way so you can make full use of them and not waste the helping hand the heavens have extended. You really do have it made!

DON’T have a tendency to lose your initiative when you get too comfortable.
DO be very diplomatic and get along with just about anyone.
DON’T compare yourself with others and feel either greater or lesser than.
DO compare options to find the best solution and be satisfied with the results.
DON’T set your boundaries too strongly.
DO understand how to keep your personal, business and social life separate.
DON’T clutter your space with a lot of trinkets.
DO be very thorough and pay attention to all of the finest details.

How this energy affects you in your social life:
It may be hard to focus while you are with your friends because you are usually too relaxed and not pursuing any particular agenda other than simply having a good time. But this week, it is all about what you and them can do above and beyond what you are normally involved with. Some ideas will be floating and bubbling in the air about how you can accomplish things together that will serve all of you. It would almost be as if you are getting into a little bit of a business mode, because you will inevitably have to put a little bit more structure into your personal connections and then go from there. One possibility is organizing a special experience you all need to work on together. How about planning a bigger and better group outing or participating in an event that takes employing more effort? This will help you learn more about each other in a whole new way and possibly explore angles other than the usual ones you are so familiar with in terms of what you have done before. There will not be a dull moment, this is for sure. Please send all of your best highlights this way so we can share it with others.

DON’T have a tendency to make lots of piles and only you know where everything is.
DO get a second wind and continue to be very productive.
DON’T take a tragic view of life and make everything into a big deal.
DO realize that once you have seen a face, you never forget it.
DON’T be a control freak.
DO take only the most deserving people under your wing.
DON’T get overwhelmed and drop the ball or give up easily.
DO always share what you feel is the truth because you cannot tell a lie.

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