The Energy of the Week for January 8-14, 2018: Advance

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

DO’s & DON’Ts in your personal, business and social life

Prepare in advance what you need to do for yourself. It all starts off with a really good rest. This is crucial so you can recalibrate your energy. Whether you set your alarm for pm instead of am, somehow something will allow you to get that good deep sleep or nap that will just do it. Just let yourself feel good about where you are one way or another and what you plan to do. This will also give you a chance to take a big breather. Focus on your target and set your energy to streamline and point right where you need to go.

How this energy affects you in your personal life:
The advance preparation you are making to go stronger and steadier in your commitment to yourself has to go through the motions of covering all  bases first and then examining exactly where you are headed in your big picture. This starts off with clearing your head, resting your physical body and then deliberately taking it slower at first until you get a really solid grip so you can truly embrace what you are doing. As long as you are relaxed and focused, nothing can distort you in any way whatsoever.

DON’T have a tendency to ramble on and on with a captive audience.
DO take time for yourself and have a break when you feel the need.
DON’T feel very hurt and, in turn, blame others for your troubles.
DO desire to improve things and easily imagine how to do them better.
DON’T build fortresses and empires in order to feel important.
DO like to have your own territory and respect other people’s time, space and opinions.
DON’T ignore the facts of what, when, where and why as you make the who the most important.
DO take good care of your basic needs: food, health, love shelter and self-expression

How this energy affects you in your business life:
Get ready for a big impact in what you do in your business in advance. Whether it will be a small jump up or a giant leap, you will need to cope with the expectation and pre-set your energy so you can go for it without a snag. This year is going to be big for most of us in terms of how much will be happening in every aspect of our work environment, so get ready to be in a more significant place and how it will impact your whole life. The wisdom and experience you have inside of you is so much more than what you may ordinarily need to bring out to give on a daily basis. Deciding to stay determined and follow through with your commitment to make much more happen will take some guts and steady inspiration. Be prepared to have some adventurous thrills and chills as you move closer to that magical moment when it all comes down nicely for you and the people you work with.

DON’T get bored easily and not follow through or finish the projects that you start.
DO get a second wind and continue to be very productive.
DON’T waste others time being long-winded and over explain by telling the whole story.
DO look at a person and instantly tell what mood they are in.
DON’T tend to overpower others who you feel are weaker than you.
DO be a good organizer of people, materials and programs.
DON’T invest too much in relationships and end up losing your own identity.
DO have your own blueprint and follow your own direction in life.

How this energy affects you in your social life:
Take the initiative to share your true feelings and have a genuine and gentle conversation with the person you care the most about. Do it right by not undermining or making them feel uncomfortable. Approach them with a sincere heart so you can reveal your true feelings. Open up once and for all and clarify what you are truly experiencing. Letting them know how you feel and your intentions in advance will be well received as long as you pour your heart out in the name of truth. Try to find out how they feel about it before you make any suggestions or ask them to share any more time with you. This would be fair and square and they will appreciate your straightforwardness to clarify what is already in the air. It could be love, or you just might care about and have deep concern for someone and want to be there for them as a true friend indeed. Whatever your heart is telling you, this is about putting it on the line and open up about it.

DON’T tend to interrupt or fragment others with unrelated comments.
DO always trust yourself and your hunches.
DON’T think you are dumb sometimes because you can’t picture what others are saying.
DO realize there are no mistakes in life, just steppingstones and opportunities to learn.
DON’T tend to order others around by telling them what to do.
DO be factual, to-the-point and concise in your communications.
DON’T feel sorry for others and want to sympathize or save them from their troubles.
DO stay detached by recognizing other people’s problems are not your own.

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