The Energy of the Week for April 24-30, 2017: Substantial

Prophetic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Feeler
aka Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue Color Senses

DO’s & DON’Ts in your personal, business and social life

Substantial 1Amazing thoughts and ideas will be presented to you this week to remind you how substantial your whole life really is. The bigger picture of your entire existence is so vast you could never discount it no matter how mundane the current moment appears to be. Think of yourself as the tallest tree and make your dreams bigger and better as you plant a seed to progress even further along in your dynamic path.

How this energy affects you in your personal life:
How big is the big picture you have for yourself? You simply cannot thrust yourself toward something small or insignificant and not inspiring for you. This is why you need to have a strong and mighty goal in sight to tease, excite and motivate you at all times. Project something substantial for your coming years and draw a pathway toward it with real steps and milestones that will take you there in the shortest amount of time. When you have real incentive, this helps you perform your best and reach for higher results every single time. It is a whole a lot more fun chasing a bigger objective than a smaller one. The more challenging it is, the more adrenalin it generates to make you more alert, aware and focused than ever before. When you are strong, you can tackle a real worthy cause. This is the way to go.

DON’T have jealous feelings that if you can’t have it, you will destroy it.
DO easily see the potential in yourself and others, but do not interfere with their free will.
DON’T be late for appointments because everything takes longer than you expect.
DO be very flexible to take suggestions since there are many ways of doing the same thing.
DON’T tend to avoid crowds and loud social events just so you can hear yourself think.
DO make sure to take quiet time to meditate so you can hear yourself think.
DON’T invest too much in relationships and end up losing your own identity.
DO love others and respect their free will even if they do not agree with you.

How this energy affects you in your business life:
With any more substantial business idea, there is always enough space for everyone in the big picture so no one is left behind. A good opportunity includes bringing all concerned to the table to become a part of the entirety and play a role – to the fullest. In finding the right fit for others, make sure you do not skip anyone. People’s energy matters and when they are involved, they bring on board with them their passion, sensitivity and integrity to work toward a common goal. This is what makes it all happen.

DON’T be a space cadet and end up in la-la land.
DO like to work in compact units so you can keep everything in order.
DON’T waste others time being long-winded and over explain by telling the whole story.
DO vividly remember all of the details that stand out to you.
DON’T tend to push yourself and go too long without eating.
DO like to set up a system of policies and procedures for others to follow.
DON’T feel insecure and become dependent on others, especially your loved ones.
DO have a light and warm heart and stay positive under trying circumstances.

How this energy affects you in your social life:
How you build reliable relations is a fairly simple process to follow. You can easily gauge whether a person is putting their energy into what they are doing or going the extra mile. Whatever you put into something is exactly what you get out of it – and this goes with solid relationships as well. So for most substantial results in dealing with others, you cannot hold back in any way. You simply have to give it your all and then some. This is called doing everything you can on your end and hopefully it will be compelling enough to inspire your counterparts to do the same.

DON’T tend to forget what you consider to be unimportant details or trivia.
DO encourage others with all the possibilities of a project.
DON’T become locked into a picture of the way things should be.
DO be a good designer and match colors easily.
DON’T tend to overpower others who you feel are weaker than you.
DO realize you have a few trustworthy friends and many acquaintances.
DON’T clutter your space with a lot of small trinkets.
DO have a light and warm heart and stay positive under trying circumstances.

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